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During the Second World War, between the years of 1940 and 1944, more than 33,000 civilians and 6,000 allied servicemen were forced to tackle the peaks of the Pyrenees in an effort to escape from Nazi-occupied Europe and regain their liberty via neutral Spain.

As a Special Operations Executive (SOE) agent and resistance fighter Nancy helped thousands of servicemen escape across the Pyrenees to freedom.

The route to be taken by this latest expedition is the most inaccessible route across the Pyrenees, with snow and boulder fields to cross. Covering 50 miles (80km), with steep climbs up to 2,600 metres, the team will be well protected with 21st century kit.

In 1943, Nancy and her fellow escapees had no such luxuries. Wearing nothing but ordinary clothes they moved in silence among the enemy patrols, replacing their boots with espadrilles.

They walked through blizzards with no opportunity for sleep and just snow to eat for hydration.

(Advertentie voor leraar of ouder)